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Tired of loading a traditional trap bar? Try our Rickshaw, a favorite among athletic trainers.

• The Rickshaw is essentially a walk-in trap bar that's easier to load. It's more than just a trap bar though. Can be used for shrugs, deadlifts, squats, bent-over rows, handstand push-ups, bench dips, and incline push-ups.

• Comfortable handles make the Rickshaw great for farmers walk workouts.

• Loadable weight sleeves bolt to the main frame to allow for compact shipping and quick, simple assembly upon arrival.

 Wide base provides plenty of foot space during use.

• The Rickshaw design provides a safer deadlifting set-up than using a traditional barbell. This is great for those who are new to deadlifting as it significantly lowers the chance of injury by improper form that can occur with a standard barbell.

Availability: Typically ships 2-3 weeks from date of purchase.

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 Color: Black, powder coated

 Weight: 55 lbs

 Foot Print: 56" x 19", Height: 15.5"

 Shipping: Fedex Ground

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