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Standard Belt Squat

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​This leverage belt squat allows you to focus solely on training legs without putting pressure on your back.

• Easily adjustable, providing a full range of motion.

• Weight loads towards the front, at the sides of the user. Weight ratio is roughly 70-75% of a barbell squat.

• Standard unit includes additional front handles, providing extra hand placement.

• One belt of your choice is included with purchase. If you'd like to purchase additional belts, they can be found here.

Add versatility to your Edge Fitness Belt Squat with our selection of add-ons: Band Peg Set-up, Row Handle Attachment, and Weight Storage. 

Orders process immediately and typically arrive 3-4 weeks from date of purchase.

• Color: Black, powder coated (colors available by request for additional fee)

• Weight: 200 lbs

 Footprint: Pictures of orange unit shown on a 6 ft x 4 ft mat.

• Shipping: Fedex Ground

All products are made in the USA.