Belt Squat Add-ons

Belt Squat Add-ons

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Add versatility and color to your Edge Fitness Belt Squat.

Current available add-ons:

Band Peg Set-up
* Included with Deluxe Unit*
This add-on allows you to use bands with your Belt Squat. Includes bolt-down tabs and bolts for concrete (when using band pegs on the Belt Squat, it's recommended that the unit be secured to the floor with bolts).

Color Options
Looking for a color different from the standard black? We're able to accommodate different colors on our Belt Squat units. Please let us know what color you'd like and we'll match it with the closest color option available.

Row Handle Attachment
This add-on allows you to perform row exercises on your Belt Squat. Designed to easily attach to the front of your unit. Also includes a handle for single-handed row exercises.

Weight Storage
This add-on bolts to the sides of your Belt Squat, providing plate storage for your unit.