The Slim Football Bar by Edge Fitness

The Football Bar: A Better Way to Bench

The bench press is a staple exercise in most fitness regimens. Problem is, using a traditional barbell over time can place unwanted stress on the wrists and shoulders. This leads to potential injury.

What can you do to reduce this risk? The Football Bar is a great solution. The bar design places your hands into a neutral position during use, greatly reducing stress on the wrists and shoulders.

We Believe Slim is Better

The majority of football and swiss style bars available on the market today are simply too wide for their own good. Our sleek, slim bar design offers a 7" width compared to the standard 10".

The narrower width makes this football bar more versatile because it's less cumbersome to use. Makes using the bar much easier for excerises like curls, skull crushers, etc.

The Slim Football Bar is built tough, ready to handle big weight without issue. Features a powder-coated finish, more durable than conventional paint.

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